Michael Kinghorn

Curriculum Vitae






Michael Kinghorn


 806 ch Edelwiess 

Wakefield, Québec

J0X 3G0 


Studio: 613 229 8909 (cell)




Conseil d’art visuel et métier d’art de l’Outaouais 

Membre de conseil d'adminstration de CACO


Art public


"Collapse" (Fire station 47), City of Ottawa 

"Overhaul" (Fire station 46), City of Ottawa




 Glebe Parking Garage, Ottawa (hiver 2014) 

Caserne No. 6, Gatineau (autome 2014)


Expositions Solo


"Transition", L’Espace Pierre Debain, 2013, Gatineau, Québec. 

"Drawings and A Sculpture", Le Hibou, 2011, Wakefield, Québec. 

"Drawings and Sculpture", Wallack Galleries, 2010, Ottawa, Ontario

"Made in China", Galerie Pied Carré, 2006, Wakefield, Québec.

"Drawings and Sculpture", Galerie Cachée, 2005, Wakefield, Québec. 

"Railroads to Rockets", Material Matters, 2000, Toronto, Ontario. 

"Brave New World", Langas Gallery, 1994,Vilnius, Lithuania.

"Found Objects" Gallery Helga, 1993, Trinec, Czech Republic. 

"The Feast", Partisan Gallery, 1992, Toronto, Ontario.

"Armor and Ecstasy", Kozack Gallery, 1989, Toronto, Ontario. 

"The (Sun)Bathers go for a walk", The Kozack Gallery, 1988, Toronto, Ontario. 

"Project 6705", Artifact Gallery, 1988, Toronto, Ontario.


Expositions de Groupe


 "Festivale du Recycl'Art de Gatineau", Gatineau 2015  

"Black and White", Cube Gallery, 2014, Ottawa, Ontario. 

"Recycle L’art", Gallerie Montcalm, 2014, Gatineau, Québec. 

"Artist in their Environment Studio Tour", 2012, Wakefield, Québec. 

"Christmas choice", Wallack Galleries, 2009, Ottawa, Ontario. 

"Wakefest 2008/2013", Wakefield, Québec.

"Elemental 2007", Ottawa, Ontario. 

"Snow show", Galerie Cachée, 2005, Wakefield, Québec. 

"Artist in their Environment Studio Tour", 1996-2001, 2003-2004 Wakefield, Québec. 

"The Garden Exhibition", Material Matters, 2001, Toronto, Ontario. 

"Screen Show", Material Matters, 1999, Toronto, Ontario. 

"First Contact", Partisan Gallery, 1992, Toronto, Ontario. 

"Young Artists", Lake Gallery, 1991, Toronto, Ontario.

"The Toronto Mask", 1991, Lake Gallery, Toronto, Ontario. 

"Persian Gulp", Partisan Gallery, 1991, Toronto, Ontario. 

"Artist in Support of Oka", Partisan Gallery, 1990, Toronto, Ontario. 

"The Jungle Show", ABC No Rio, 1990, New York City, USA. 

"The Jungle Show", Purple Institution, 1990, Toronto, Ontario. 

"Urban Insects", Aardvark Gallery, 1988, Toronto, Ontario.




 Liana Voia Http://youtu.be/IX7ELL3jVmk 

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"Recycle l’art" 2014,Télé-Québec– La Fabrique culturelle. 

"Artist puts meaning into scrap metal", July 4 2013, Peter Simpson, The Ottawa Citizen. 

"Overhaul and Collapse", July 17 2013, Trevor Greenway, The Low Down to Hull and Back. 

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"Tacky Vitality", February 6, 1990, Christopher Hume, The Toronto Star.




‘’Re-Mix’’ (December 2009– March 2010), Bourse de recherche et développement du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.



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